Paris in 3 days

Hi everyone! This post is about my my trip to Paris, you have to take into account I’ve only been there for 3 days and it was also my first time visiting, so… it was a quite touristy orientated adventure.


Up and ready to go we decided to have a little stroll to the Eiffel Tower. Once we got to the bottom of the Tower we saw the enormous queue, which seemed never-ending. Looking keen at the stairs we thought it was a fabulous idea to walk up instead of taking the lift. And so we did. Obviously regretted that few steps in. Hallelujah! We finally made it to the top! And it was so worth it, as the view was breathtaking.

After completing our exercise for the entire week, we decided to take a little break, by having some tea in a small typical French Café. This motivated us to finish off the day with a shopping tour. We went to the famous Galeries Lafayette, which is the home of not only high end fashion labels, but also high street brands like Topshop, Zara and French equivalents. We felt quite exhausted so we decided to head back to our cute little Airbnb, where we enjoyed a few too many Macaroons.


Being spontaneous we thought it would be a nice idea to plan out our day while having a healthy, or maybe not so healthy, breakfast. So we decided to explore another area of Paris, by going up to Sacre coeur. It is a spectacular church, located on top of a hill, offering one of the many beautiful views over Paris.


Sadly it’s already our last day in Paris and we still didn’t see everything we wanted to, therefore we walked to Notre Dame. Meanwhile the weather decided to give us a hard time, as it started raining and it got very, very cold. So we quickly took some photos and realised we still haven’t seen the so famous Mona Lisa, and ended up in the Louvre- It was just HUGE! We probably only managed to see less than 1/5 of it, so defiantly have to go back at some point and as they say; you should always leave something unseen for the next time haha.

Au revor Paris et à bientôt!


xoxo Kaz.

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