My experience at London Fashion Week

Hiya! I’m so excited to share with you my first experience at London Fashion Week!

Lets start with my #ootd. I didn’t really know what to expect therefore, I decided to go for a very comfortable smart casual look which was a metallic T-shirt dress combined with a pair of fishnet tights, black overtness and a black oversized blazer.

Moving on to the actual event! Just as I got there, a makeup artist from Maybelline offered to do my makeup, which was a great experience.  Furthermore, there were lots of little stools of national and international brands, where you were able to browse, get inspiration from and even buy high end brand items straight from the catwalk for a reduced price! My favourite items where defiantly the MiuMiu sunglasses and the hat form “Her Curious Nature“, which is a small London based brand.


Finally, it was time for the trend catwalk, yay!


First trend for spring 2017 are Micro Florals. Micro Florals are great for novel necklines and languid silhouettes.


The second trend are Reinvented Ruffles. Ruffles don’t always have to be romantic this season, they can also appear in a cool and sexy way.


Last but not least, The Shoulder Show! Shoulders are in the spot light this season, no matter if an off shoulder top or a strap less dress, clean or decorative. There are lots of differnet ways to adapt to this trend, go and find your fave!

All in one, it was a fabulous experience at London Fashion Week would recommend the event to anyone who loves fashion and/or shopping. It is an amazing opportunity to meet new people and to get inspired by the newest trends.

P.s. Don’t have long pockets and short arms, spend those extra 10 pounds on front row seats, it’s so worth it!!!

Lots of love, Kaz xx


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