Places to be when in Lisbon

Hi guys! As you might know I recently went on a weekend trip to Lisbon. If you ever have the chance to visit Lisbon then go for it! It’s cheap, the people are friendly and the atmosphere is great too. Below there is a list of places I enjoyed the most J

  1. Rooftop bar with an amazing view over Lisbon

The rooftop bar is called Park and is bit difficult to find, as it’s on the top of a carpark. However, the view and sangria are amazing.IMG_5251

  1. Belem

I know this is probably in all travel guides, but going to Belem is defiantly worth it! Don’t miss the tower of Belem and the free entry to the church.

  1. Pastéis de nata

Pastéis de nata are typical Portuguese egg tart pastries, which are simply AMAZING!!! Couldn’t get enough of them! The original ones come from Belem and I can say they are defiantly the best ones out of the 100 I tried.

  1. Castle of St. George

Although we weren’t recommended to go there, and the weather wasn’t great, it was still one of my favorite places. The lighting made the view over Lisbon overwhelming. If you can go there at sunset the pictures speak for themselves.

  1. View with a shot

We walked up to one of the many viewing platforms in Lisbon and managed to not only enjoy the view, but also several cherry liquor shots, which are served in a chocolate glass… so yum!!

  1. Best ice-cream in Lisbon

Gelados Santini do the best ice-cream in Lisbon, defiantly worth queuing!


Hope you enjoyed it,

Kaz xxx

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